Common Lisp Quick Reference


Choose a file which has your paper size (i.e. "-a4-" or US "-letter-") and "-booklet-" in its name. Then, a page order suitable for nested folios is indicated by "-all"; if you want the folios stacked take a file which says "-four".

That is clqr-<paper size>-booklet-<page order>.pdf

On a duplex printer, just print the file. If your printer can only print on one side of the sheet, start with the odd pages. Depending on your printer's paper handling, you may or may not have to rearrange the half-printed sheets. Make sure the first page is on top and put them back into the paper tray in order to print the even pages.


One by one, fold the pages in half lengthwise.

As to the nested version, if you have a big enough (saddle stitch) stapler, put two staples along the spine. Alternatively, you can sew the pages together with a heavy thread. Or you simply let the pages unbound. The edges of the paper opposite the spine will not line up perfectly here.

The variant with stacked folios is suitable for wire or comb binding, or you put some elastic glue along the spine.